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One of my favorite makeup companies is ELF, eyes lips face, it's so cheap, $1, $3, $5 stuff  is just amazing! The pay off of the shadows is good, but with a white base like MILK jumbo eye pencil from NYX is just amazing. The shadows last a long time and are cheap?! That's good for me! I've been buying from ELF for about four years now and they always put out good products. They've recently introduced new products that cost $2 a piece and are better than the normal essentials line they've had for a long time.


This look above was done using ELF's duo eye shadow in black licorice. It comes with a silver and a black which is perfect for a simple, easy smokey look. The ELF brightening eyeliner in black was also used above, but the liquid is by JORDANA and is the fabu liner. As for the eyeshadows, the pigmentation is wonderful for some, but the natural colors, like in the duo Butter Pecan, I feel are a bit sheer.

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Above is how the QUAD eyeshadows look, they're quite amazing with color pay off and long lasting. These are only $1!! There's so many to choose from, but the price allows you to get quite a few for the price of one quad from the drug store. You can buy ELF from online or in Target stores. I've even seen it in the Dollar Tree at times. Though, these aren't as good as MAC or NYX eye shadows, for the price, they're the best you can get.

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